A Look at the FVITH Manufacturing Process

Our aesthetics may evoke a luxe frost, but FVITH’s heart is filled with the warmth of hands-on artistry. No bots. No massive mystery warehouses. FVITH fragrance candles and roll-on oils are handcrafted from beginning to end. Here is a peek into our manufacturing process.

FVITH Fragrances

Our scents are handcrafted by expert perfumers who are dedicated to the art of olfaction. We have carefully selected the notes for each fragrance to capture a specific intention, sensory experience and essence. No note was too small to debate. If you detect a hint of something, know it was carefully considered and chosen for your enjoyment. Once finalized, our fragrances are hand-prepped for use in our candles and roll-ons.

FVITH Hand-Poured Noir Candles

We selected our candle glass and wicks with presentation and burning experience in mind. Each wick is secured by hand and set aside until it is time to pour. FVITH’s signature fragrance oils are blended into our noir candle wax until the batch is sufficiently aromatic. Once it is ready, we pour the luxurious warm wax into the glass one by one to set and cool. Upon setting, the candles are labeled and boxed by hand.

FVITH Roll-On Oils

Our handcrafted roll-on oils are hand-poured into Italian glass vials with stainless steel rollers. In addition to ideal storage conditions and application, we chose these rollers because we believe luxurious experiences should come in gorgeous packaging. Once they are filled, each vial is packaged in its box and sleeve by hand.


Once packaged, we put our noir fragrance candles and roll-on oils away to wait for their new homes. You are the final step in the process, for every fragrance comes to life in a unique way when it dances with your individual essence, whether you place one of our candles in your sanctuary or anoint yourself with one of our roll-ons. That’s the power of FVITH.

For a closer look at how we craft our candles, watch the video below.