Balancing Function & Style With Home Fragrance

Functional scents are aromas that provide practical effects when inhaled. Most commonly, we associate functional fragrances with essential oils—the practice known as aromatherapy. Research suggests some aromas de-stress, invigorate, improve our mood, and more. In fact, the possibilities may extend further than you think.

For instance, we all know about lavender’s calming effects, but did you know the smell of lemon may help you make fewer errors while typing? The Takasago Corporation in Japan researched how smell impacts the accuracy of typists. They discovered 54% fewer mistakes when people worked while smelling lemon, 33% fewer with Jasmine and 20% fewer with lavender.

Of course, while alluring and gorgeous, classic aromatherapy isn't always the most stylish or layered bunch. As scent savvy lovers of fine fragrance, we say: Why can't an aroma be stylish and functional? That brings us to room number one. 


Home Office

"More people than ever are working from home these days." It's the statement uttered repeatedly online, on TV, and in random conversations at the market. It's true, and nailing that work vibe at home goes beyond a computer and furniture. Why? It's %$&%# hard to focus! Creating an inviting yet stylish space to work is a high task when life keeps shoving its way into your headspace.

Whether you have a dedicated room for your home office, a corner, or you simply laptop it on your couch, bed or kitchen table, stimulating your mind with the right fragrance can create the boss vibe you need to conquer all those pesky distractions and slay your work day. Our choice? Vatican. Hey, the proof is in the research. Containing both lemon and jasmine notes (two key notes in the typist study), Vatican’s balmy profile will turn your work space into a productive sanctuary. Honestly, we should probably light one right now to make sure this blog is on point.



How come it smells so good while you’re cooking and then so bad an hour after you’re done eating? We don’t know either. What we do know is this: Nothing ruins the vibe of your kitchen and dining area faster than the lingering stink of your last meal, a stack of dirty dishes, or worse, that trash you should've taken out three days ago. (Hey, we’ve been there. No judgments.) 

The kitchen is a mix of intense scents, no doubt. So how do you keep yours feeling stylish? For a luxe spin on a functional accord, reach for spices, mint or gourmand features. The reason being is sweet and purifying notes do a great job of covering harsh odors. Our choice? We have two FVITH candles in mind for this one—Velvet Moon and Snow. Velvet Moon smells like gooey fudge or freshly baked brownies. It is a silky, elevated gourmand fragrance that was practically born in the kitchen! Meanwhile, Snow has a warm spiced center mixed with purifying eucalyptus and peppermint up top. Sure, it’s part of our Holiday collection, but it’s still winter time, and baby it’s cold outside. 


Cue the music. Okay. There are two common functional uses people want scented candles for in the bedroom. There’s “I need to chill out” and “I need some company.” Whether it’s for relaxing or having some fun, we have a fragrance for you. (Just remember to snuff out your candle before you drift off. Falling asleep with a lit candle on is not good, friends.) 

Choose a rich profile that has diverse notes, so you engage your senses on different levels. Just like the other categories, we have a few scents that are up to task, but we have to go with Memphis for this one. Memphis is palpable. You can smell, taste and feel it. It hits your soul. 

Pour yourself some apple brandy and bask in sumptuous vanilla, tobacco, and cedar notes—to name a few. This luxurious  candle is dripping with both mellow vibes and sex appeal. It is somehow light and dark, spirited and subdued, playful and sensual. It will become what you need it to be, inspire you to get up and dance or snuggle under the covers. Honestly, how it manages to channel so many energies is beyond us, and we made it. 



Listen, we don’t have to go into the gritty details of what goes on in the bathroom, but it’s a special place. On one hand, it’s where you do your hair, take baths, groom or put on cosmetics. On the other, it can get a bit… funky. It is the room we think of first when we talk about needing functional fragrance, but the standard air freshener lot isn’t your vibe. What’s a stylish human to do? Simple. Fresh bright scents are perfect for your porcelain palace. 

The most apt FVITH choice at the moment has to be Said the Sky. Forged with the heavens in mind, this fragrance blends florals with fruit and a hint of zest and grounding wood. It is an elegant, beautiful scent that can breathe new life into just about any room that needs some celestial-grade levity, so handling the functional needs of this space with style is no big deal. 


Living Room

There is a reason we saved the living room for last. It is the mixed-use space of most homes. It is where we host others, where we congregate, and where we tend to go the extra mile with our decor. Your living area represents your personal style and your mood—not just what you’re feeling but where you want to go

Because it is such a social space, picking the right fragrance for your living room is less about function and almost entirely about the vibe you’re trying to embody. The only way to pick one is to know what each represents. We’ve carefully crafted each FVITH fragrance to exude a different essence. Of course, going over them will take another post entirelymaybe even two!

When that goes up, we will link to it here. Until then, our pick for your living room is our bestselling Black Rose. Sultry, sleek and classic—Black Rose is the unisex floral that adds depth and sophistication to any space, no matter your style. You can’t go wrong with it. Like we always say: This isn’t your standard rose. It’s got thorns.