The FVITH Blog: For Your Mind and Spirit

Welcome to the new FVITH blog, our home for all-things FVITH, fragrance and lifestyle. To kick things off, we wanted to introduce the brand and give a preview of the sorts of things you can expect to see here moving forward.

First off, what is FVITH and how on earth do you pronounce it? FVITH, pronounced FIFTH, is a brand whose primary purpose is to enrich lives through enhanced sensory experiences.

In short, life can be oh-so good, but giving our senses some extra stimulation and care can make it downright enchanting. At this time, we do that through our artisanal fragrance candles and roll-ons, although we have plans for much more (Shh. We’re pleading the FVITH on that for now.).

Scented candles are layered works of art. They serve so many purposes. First, they have a functional use. They provide light and make spaces smell good. Simple enough. They’re so much more than that though.

Fragrances tap into our memories and moods. They tell stories, stimulate our minds, desire, and heighten our experiences. They also reflect an attitude. Wearing the right scent, or enveloping yourself in one, can amplify your vibe and style.

Meanwhile, candles have a ritualistic and soothing quality with a rich cultural history. They also serve as a tool in interior design. Unlit candles can change the look and feel of the space around them. When they are lit, their flame bathes everything in an unmistakable warm glow that can be super peaceful or effortlessly sexy.

Our posts will shed greater light on all the above and then some, from home decor and wellness to deep dives into fragrance notes and candle history. We will also post announcements and feature members of the FVITH community.

FVITH is for your sanctuary (home) and temple (body). Our blog is for your mind and spirit. We are very excited about going on this journey and hope you will join us.