Some Contradictions Speak Truth

To celebrate the FVITH of October, we are proud to introduce Paradox. This one is for the spirits who move quickly in place. Enter a realm that both defies logic and embraces it. Paradox is a dark, luxurious tobacco fragrance that is straightforward in its complexity. 

Lemon and warm suede notes open this experience. It has an amber and cinnamon core, with notes of nutmeg, guaiacwood, and patchouli to give it a woody finish. A dark and mysterious fragrance, it is the perfect addition to your Halloween decor. 

Spooky yet sophisticated, Paradox is as if all the witches, ghouls and vampires dressed up in couture. Because sometimes even us pumpkin spice lovers need a break from it, try the newest black candle from FVITH.

Not ready for Paradox? Reach for the autumn scent that makes October a year ‘round affair. October is our decadent ode to oud. A musky base supports rum, berries and lush notes of agarwood, leather and sage. This candle makes the tomb walls talk, but don’t whisper back. Once you pledge by this society's flame, you’re sworn to secrecy.

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