Wake Up to Our Newest Candle

Morning Wood Candle

It's hard finding a cedar scent this good. Morning Wood is an orderly fragrance that inspires disorderly conduct, a rich cedar layered with amber, rose hips, oud and musk. It’s the kind of wood you'll want to wake up to. But it is also more than that! It is a luxe mountain escape.

If you're part of the FVITH fam, you know we love our wood notes! Almost every scent has at least one. We are guilty, and proud of it. That said, while we have some woody notes, none of our fragrances are true wood-forward scents. We wanted a classic and clean cedar scent in our collection, one that is impossible to stop smelling and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy (or frisky) inside. Enter Morning Wood.

More than a saucy name, this memorable cedar is a vibe you'll want to come back to again and again. Available now! Click here to get yours.