How To Pick A Scented Candle For Your Home

What is the vibe that you want to feel, or your guests to feel, when walking into your home? We craft every FVITH fragrance with intention. Our signature scented candles are meant to exude specific essences and take you on a journey. But choosing the right one for your home’s style can get a bit tricky. There are so many scents out there. Where does one even begin? Don’t worry. We got you. Read on for tips. 

Choose your goal. 

Consider the goal of the scented candle(s) you want to buy. Are you interested in a fragrance that is an extension of your home’s vibe? Or are you looking for something for a specific occasion or mood that complements its surroundings? Whether or not your purchase is tailored to the space or the events and people inside it, will change what you ultimately choose.

Sit with your space. 

As much as we love all-things style, we aren’t interior designers. Odds are, a lot of you aren’t either! And that is okay. You don’t need to know if your home is midcentury modern, minimalist modern, contemporary, eclectic, boho, rustic, and so on, to pair a scent well. All you need to do is chill out mindfully. The first thing we recommend is cleaning up like you’re having people over. (We know. Cleaning isn’t fun! But hear us out.)

Make sure your spot looks the way you feel when you get dressed up to go out. Even a little bit of mess can distract us and change the vibe we get. A clean canvas makes this next part easier. 

After your place is looking its best, reward yourself. Make some tea, pour yourself some wine, whatever you like to do to chill, and then sit in your space. Slowly scan the scene before you: the walls, floor, furniture, pictures, and decor. What words come to mind? It doesn’t have to get technical. Just make note of your vibe.

Go with your instincts. 

Smell the fragrances you are interested in and/or look at the profile notes and descriptions. Do they evoke the same vibe you are going for? Of course, scent is a very subjective experience. You might read this post and still choose something because you like the name (or because it has vanilla, and you love vanilla). Whatever your reasoning, it is valid! Don’t stress. What matters most is if you like it.

To make your selection process easier, here is a vibe glossary of FVITH’s signature fragrances. This list will be updated as we add new scents. If one appeals to you, click on the name to visit its full product page.

Note: Scroll left to right with your thumb if viewing on mobile.



Leather Spice | Rebellious | Nostalgic 

Like hitchhiking in short jean shorts and a leather jacket in the 60s.

Black Rose 

Floral Wood | Sultry | Classic 

Like walking on a bed of roses with spiked black stilettos. 

Garden Of God

Fresh | Herbaceous | Carefree 

Like frolicking around the perfect garden naked. No worries, no clothes, no bulls%*t. 

Hollywood Hills 

Floral | Uninhibited | Hypnotic

Like dancing under the stars at the hottest party in LA.


Amber | Dapper | Confident 

Like you can conquer anything with grace and swagger. 


Tobacco | Bluesy | Spirited 

Like sipping on a cocktail at a packed blues club. 


Fruity Amber | Pretty | Seductive 

Like a hot momma that knows she’s got it like that.

Morning Wood

Woody | Clean | Orderly

A true cedar so good, it makes folks want to be bad. 


Woody Spice | Exclusivity | Autumn

Like pledging to a secret society in a tuxedo drunk on rum. 


Oud | Mythic | Powerful 

Like decoding messages at a seance while dressed in couture.

Said The Sky

Fruity Floral | Heavenly | Pure 

Like floating away on a cloud, an escape when you need it most. 


Balmy | Rustic | Peaceful 

Like finding ritualistic calm in an antique sanctuary. 

Velvet Moon

 Gourmand | Comforting | Sensual 

Like freshly baked fudge brownies being fed to you by someone fiiine.