Meet the New FVITH

Surprise! No, you’re not seeing things. We just dropped a new look. Black label FVITH is here, and it’s stunning. We are so excited to share this next chapter with all of you. Here is everything you need to know about the latest incarnation of FVITH, including what’s changed. 


Noir wax and noir packaging? Oh yes, we did. Our ultra sleek new blackout design with white typography is a next-level homage to our passion for the monochromatic. 


Beyond the aesthetic changes, we have updated the boxes themselves. All FVITH roll-on perfume oils will now come in a vertical box design to match our candles.


Our ingredients, fragrances, product vessels, and pricing have not changed! We are still the FVITH you know and love. 


As we move into this new era, orders might include all white, a mix of white and black, or black branding. These products will have notes on their pages in red. Please be patient as we navigate our soft rebrand! Transitions like this take time but we are moving to get everything situated as soon as possible. 

Say Goodbye 

The branding we launched with has been good to us and will always be in style. As we move forward, our white labels and boxes will become scarce! In fact, once the remaining stock is gone, we will no longer carry products with that design. Enjoy the classic FVITH look while you can! 

In addition to rolling out our new look, we just added some fierce FVITH fragrances to our roll on perfume oils. Be the first to grab Hollywood Hills and Ex Lover for body!