Perfume Oil vs Spray — What To Know

Body fragrance comes in many forms. From perfume and body spray to roll-on oil, it can get a little tough deciding which type to get, and that’s before choosing your scent! We do not have a preference at FVITH and love all types for different reasons. Sure, we only carry fragrance oils at the moment, but that isn’t because they’re better. They’re just different! Here is how they measure up to other forms and what to expect while wearing them.

The Main Difference

The difference between eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and perfume oil down to ingredients and concentrations of fragrance oil. In this case, we do not mean fragrance oil as in our roll-on oils. We mean the concentrated pure forms that end up in body fragrances. (You wouldn’t want to wear the pure base. Not only would it be overwhelmingly strong, it could be a skin irritant.)

Whether you’re talking about traditional spray or an oil, body fragrances are all a combination of pure fragrance oil mixed in a base. The concentration of the pure oil varies by type. In the case of alcohol-based perfumes, it is either a heavier scent profile with 12% to 18% pure oil (eau de parfum)  or a lighter scent profile with about an 8% - 12% concentration (eau de toilette). In addition to the concentration difference, these formulas often have different ratios of alcohol and water—among other ingredients. 

Perfume oil (the kind you can wear, not the concentrate) has a middle to high concentration of pure fragrance oil diluted in an oil base. FVITH’s roll-on perfume oils are unadulterated in that we blend pure fragrance oil in a premium safflower oil base. That’s it. There are no fillers whatsoever. 

How It Wears 

Their intensity varies by brand, type, and even profile, but one thing is certain: the bouquet of a spray carries its biggest punch when it’s first applied. It can also result in a sort of fragrant cloud effect (which isn’t bad if you want to radiate a scent, of course). Perfumes are stronger than body sprays, due to their high concentration of both pure fragrance oil and alcohol. (Body sprays have more water.) That said, both are a scent-forward method.

In contrast, perfume oils bloom like flowers. The roller itself will smell strong but it won’t reach its peak power until it has had time to absorb into the skin. This can be tricky for people new to perfume oils. It is easy to apply too much. Remember that it will evolve as you wear it. While sprays tend to calm over time, perfume oils often intensify with your natural body heat. 

If it smells strong upon application, know that it’ll only evolve from there. So go easy out the gate! Our roll ons come in convenient, portable glass vials with custom caps. So you can always take them with you on the go. (Just don’t leave it in a hot car. Even the most leak proof vessel may bust or leak in extreme heat.)

Ready to give them a try? Browse our body fragrance collection today.