The Skinny On Green Fragrance

In a field of decadent olfactory experiences, it might be surprising how intoxicating green fragrances can be. They are the natural experience, the scent notes that envelope you in the feeling of being in the woods, on a perfect bed of freshly cut grass, or standing at the bust of a gorgeous herb garden. 


Green fragrances are a midcentury maverick, garnering popularity with heavy galbanum scents in the late 40s and early 50s. Basil was also a popular note early on. They became a staple in perfumery and while trends in fragrance cycle like fashion, green notes and profiles only continued to diversify and increase over time. They remain essential today—rounding out collections and profiles with their stimulating aromatics. 


People throw around the word “classic” a lot when discussing fragrance, but there is something unmistakably familiar and classic about green profiles. They conjure feelings of earth and nature; their familiarity makes them feel old while their freshness makes them feel new. It doesn’t get more timeless than that. 

Herbaceous with an occasional hint of powder, they are at once delicate and powerful—with the aromatics of dew, cut grass, trees, and a wide range of fresh plants making up their bouquets.

Although many are drawn to the layered creations of a green fragrance—such as our Garden of God candle—individual green notes are worth talking about as well. Green notes often give other fragrances their vitality and levity; they are particularly complementary in florals and chypre blends. 


Let’s talk about galbanum. It is one of the quintessential green notes yet it isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think “green.” Unlike mint and grass, it is simply not a term many Americans come in contact with on a regular basis—unless of course they are fragrance obsessed (not naming any names!). 

So what is galbanum? In its natural state, galbanum is a gum resin extracted from Asiatic plants. It has an intensely fresh aroma with a touch of woody and balsamic notes. It smells like a lush forest, earthy and rich. 

Other popular green notes include mint, freshly cut grass, green vegetal, violet leaf, and fig leaf. 

Paradise Returns 

Although it is just as lovely at any hour, Garden of God is a particularly perfect daytime scent to burn, whether relaxing or getting things done. We love lighting it while we work.

Guests also love it! People always do a double take and ask what smells so good. If you are having an afternoon get-together at home or a business meeting at the office, try burning this candle. It really does turn every space into paradise. 

Spearmint, Black Currant, Apple

Basil, Ginger, Clove, Jasmine

Vanilla, Musk, Lemon

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