A Rose Fragrance Worthy of Myth

FVITH was born from the idea that when we inhale a truly remarkable fragrance, we transcend our bodies, this world. However brief, we are transported to another time, feeling, or place. Scent can do so much. It can impact our mood, attitude, confidence and style. It is an otherworldly experience. Hence, we are five—the god number. 

Our newest fragrance, Khloris, continues this legacy. We set out to craft a rose scent that captured the power and beauty of one of the flower’s fabled origins. According to Greek myth, the goddess of flowers and spring, Khloris (also spelled Chloris), tripped over a lifeless nymph in the forest. She decided to give her new life by transforming her into a flower. In order to do this, she enlisted some help.

Different gods offered their assistance. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, gave the flower its beauty. Dionysus, the god of wine, gave the flower her sweet nectar. Apollo made the sun shine bright so the flower could bloom. They called her the queen of flowers. We know her as rose. 

FVITH’s Khloris balances gorgeous floral notes with spice. It is a peppery rose scent that gets its brightness from rose, jasmine and tangerine, and its spicy hints from pink pepper and clove. All of these notes sit atop an amber base for a grounding, rich finish.

Although brighter and different in its bouquet, it shares its chic sophistication with our Black Rose scent. Khloris is not a powdery or overly sweet rose akin to some body sprays or rose scents from years past. She is a spring scent with thorns—goddess, queen and nymph all rolled into one.

Transformative and versatile, this fragrance can breathe new life into your space and vibe. Although we are releasing her in one of our classic candles, stay tuned. We have a feeling this scent will appear in new forms over time. She’s got it like that. 

Our large noir Khloris candle is available now for $45. Buy yours here.