This Ex Lover is Unforgettable

We crafted our newest scent with the process of getting over an ex in mind—and the confidence that comes from knowing that you’re over them and doing better than ever!

Of course, we’re talking about Ex Lover.

A creamy heliotrope melts into a fresh yet fierce fragrance blending water lotus, oak moss and neroli. All of this rests atop a sweet kiss of amber and sugar cane. This is a femme fatale profile that exudes self-confidence. It’s strong yet delicate, bold yet mysterious. It’s an all around sexy scent that makes us feel sassy and unforgettable. 

Ex Lover is so intoxicating, you’ll want to burn it all the time. But when you’re looking for a targeted sensory experience, we recommend burning it while you’re getting ready to go out. Light it, put on some music, and get gussied up with an attitude that’ll shine through all night long. It has elevated, feeling-yourself vibes, the kind of scent that adds a little something extra to your strut. 

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