Enhancing Sensuality With Scented Candles

Adding sensuality to your life is a year ‘round pursuit. Sure, Valentine’s Day can inspire sexy traditions, but do we need an excuse for some romance and passion? Never! 

Not just a symbol in pop culture, the dim lighting of a candle really does hit right, whether you’re trying to find some added calm or spice things up. Its soft warmth casts a glow over everything it touches. In restaurants, it gives the feeling of intimacy, feels upscale, and even hides imperfections. Speaking of hiding imperfections, it does that for people, too. It is like a real-life filter. And when it comes to the bedroom, who doesn’t want to feel their best?

We know that candlelight sets the mood, and we know a space that smells good doesn’t hurt, either. But is it more than just smelling good? Can a scented candle actually help boost sensual vibes? Spoiler: It can. 

Aphrodisiacs come in many forms, and olfaction is one of them. There is evidence that certain scents can stimulate arousal and feelings of sensuality in people. We aren’t talking pheromones  either, but scents occurring outside the human body. Here is a snapshot of some sensual scents and the FVITH fragrances that use them. 


Cinnamon has been shown to have stimulating effects below the belt on animals. It also smells warm and safe, creating feelings of homely comfort. When we are comfortable, it is much easier for one thing to lead to another! Speaking of spice, men showed a strong erotic response when smelling pumpkin pie in a study about scent and arousal.

Although a few of our scents have a hint of spice, two have cinnamon notes in particular—Vatican and Snow. 


Stuck in hibernation mode? Bloom with the sensual power of florals. Jasmine and ylang ylang, lavender, and lily of the valley are all considered aphrodisiac scents. Known as the “perfume of love,” jasmine has been used to increase intimacy for hundreds of years. Meanwhile, lavender has been shown to increase sex drive in women and arousal in men; holistic practitioners love ylang-ylang for its stimulating effects; and lily of the valley was the source of a controversial study that suggested sperm is attracted to the scent while another states it increases arousal. 

Hollywood Hills has both jasmine and ylang-ylang notes! Vatican and Garden of God have jasmine notes. Looking for the other two notes? Don’t worry. We always have new scents on the horizon.  


More than just calming and invigorating, the good vibes of orange can also help boost your sensuality. When we are more alert and in a positive mood, we are more aware of our bodies and… needs. Orange has been shown to have stimulating effects on both women and men

Our prized Hollywood Hills also hits the citrus zone, making it arguably our most sensual scent! 1963 is also an excellent choice, with mandarin orange notes (and some spice). 


Studies and cultural practices aside, sometimes the best scent to get sensual to is the one that makes you personally feel good. If you love it, it’s probably a great candle to light when you want to express your love (and lust).