FVITH Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again. You’ve probably started shopping. (Or not. Shoutout to our fellow procrastinators!) If you are looking for some holiday gift inspiration, this is for you. 

Like a fine wine, fragrance is excellent by itself but also pairs nicely with a number of other gifts. It all depends on the person—and personality. We know it’s hard to figure out what to get, so here is some help shopping at FVITH for… 

Stocking Stuffers 

Our mini candles are $25, making them perfect for stocking stuffers or fragrant additions to larger gifts. Best of all? We only carry them in the four original fragrances we launched with—Black Rose, October, Knighten, and Said the Sky—so you won’t feel overwhelmed picking one. Get one. Get two. Get the whole bunch! 

Plant Lovers 

Whether they love gardening, always seem to have a new house plant, or can’t keep plants alive to save their life, our Garden of God candle is a fresh scent they’ll love. Best of all? No green thumb is necessary. If someone wants a burst of herbaceous fragrance in the air, they’ll love this low maintenance alternative to real greenery. 

Notes: Spearmint, Black Currant, Apple, Basil, Ginger, Clove, Jasmine, Vanilla, Musk, Lemon

Free Spirits

What makes our roll-on oil so great is its concentration. It can be rolled on as directed or dabbed into one’s hand and mixed with lotion. It gives the wearer room to get creative. It’s also long-lasting. Nothing says free spirit like our 1963 scent. It has hitchhiking in the 60s vibes all over it. Give it alone or pair it with some new jeans, boots or a statement hat for an on-brand gift. 

Notes: Mandarin Orange, Agarwood, Saffron, Tobacco, Leather, Cedar, Oriental Spices.


A clean, classic cedar fragrance with a cheeky name that anybody with a sense of humor is sure to love? Oh yeah, this checks out. Guaranteed to make people chuckle and/or blush upon opening, our Morning Wood candle pairs luxe aesthetics and sophisticated scent with an unapologetically saucy name. It makes a great gift. 

Notes: Amber, Oud, Rosehips, Cedar, Musk

Resolution Ready 

Will the dreamers please stand up? If you know somebody who dreams big and has major goals for 2022, this is for them. Said the Sky is a leap into the clouds. Wish upon a star and get the creative juices flowing with a piece of sensory magic. They will start their year off right if they get this pretty fragrance over the holidays. 

Notes: Black Currant, Mandarin Zest, Cherry Blossom, Bulgarian Rose, Geranium, Birchwood, Raspberry

And finally, there’s always just gifting a candle or roll-on you personally love. Happy Holidays from all of us at FVITH!