Mother's Day Buying Guide

Still looking for a Mother's Day gift? It's down to the wire, but it's the thought that counts (even when the thought is a few days late)! Whether it’s your mother, your partner, your friend, or you simply want to treat yourself—here are our featured FVITH choices for Mother’s Day 2022.


Celebrating Mother’s Day without mentioning our bestselling MILF scented candle is like a sandwich with peanut butter and no jelly. They belong together and we proudly roll out the red carpet for this fragrance every year around this time. It’s in the name, after all. 

Not familiar yet? You’re in for a treat. The FVITH MILF candle is an alluring, creamy scent with fresh floral and fruit notes. Not only is it gorgeous and a perfect fragrance for spring and summer, its name is a cheeky conversation starter. It’s an excellent choice for a spirited Mother’s Day or just because gift. 

Notes: Amber, Peach, Cyclamen Flower, Agave Nectar, Coconut Milk, Wild Fig, Sandalwood, and Cedar. 

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Our newest fragrance is an homage to the divine feminine. Named after the goddess of spring and flowers herself, Khloris is a floral scent inspired by the mythic origins of the rose. It is a sophisticated rose fragrance, with spice and amber notes for a balanced bouquet. 

Intoxicating and sure to be loved by all who inhale its nectar, Khloris is as beautiful as it is powerful—perfect for the modern goddess in your life. 

Notes: Pink Pepper, Tangerine, Rose, Jasmine, Clove, Amber

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Moms are a lot of things, including sexy and powerful! If you’re a mom, you’ve probably been a lover, too. Celebrate that fire with Ex Lover. Inspired by the transformations we often undergo after a break up, this is a fabulously fierce femme fragrance that, frankly, brings out the badass in all who smell its aroma. 

We love all of our scents and try not to play favorites, but this one is special. 

Notes: Heliotrope Flower, Water Lotus, Oakmoss, Neroli Leaves, Amber, Sugar Cane

Light it up. 


If candles aren’t their style or you happen to know your momma’s perfume tastes, you should also take a look at our roll-on oils, like 1964 and Black Rose. Not sure if any of our featured scents are for the mom in your life? That’s okay. You can get a digital gift card so they can choose their own here. Best part? E-gift cards don't need to ship, so even if you're seeing this the day before Mother's Day, have no fear! We got you.